Peptide Therapy


What is peptide therapy?

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids that are hooked together and form a small protein. There are over 7000 naturally-occurring peptides that have been identified. These peptides act as signaling molecule telling other cells what to do. Peptide therapy is a new treatment because each peptide is highly specific telling the other cells what to do or make. There are over 60 US FDA peptides approved with hundreds more being developed.

What conditions do they help?

One class of these peptides are known as growth hormone secretagogues and cause the secretion of one’s own, natural HGH in our bodies. These peptides have been shown to be very useful in the treatment of age-related conditions, osteoporosis, obesity, muscle wasting, and various other chronic inflammatory diseases. Another type of peptides is part of the HGH molecule that is responsible for fat cell death and works well as an anti-obesity drug. These peptides help increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. Another one boosts the immune system and helps fight chronic autoimmune disease.  There is even one that causes a darkening effect that mimics a quality suntan.

Who benefits?

There are a variety of peptides for different conditions:

Thymosin Alpha-1  

This peptide has a favorable benefit on the immune system. It has been shown to enhance the function of certain immune cells called T cells. Killer T cells are responsible for hunting down and destroying our body’s own cells that are cancerous or infected with bacteria or virus. Helper T cells work with the other cells of the immune system to carry out immune responses.  T alpha 1 has been shown to exhibit antibacterial and antifungal properties, suppress tumor growth, increase vaccine effectiveness, and protect against oxidative damage. It has been approved in other countries to treat hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and as an adjunct to chemotherapy and various vaccines. It is very safe and there have not been any documented side effects associated with its use. Improves tissue repair and healing and improves host defense to infection. It also improves microcirculation, improves stress tolerance, inhibits viral replication, improves cancer defense, increases antioxidants and glutathione production, reverses immunosuppression of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease, and reduces overall inflammation.

Thymosin Beta 4        

As the body begins the recovery process, Thymosin Beta 4 aids in the creation of new vessels in the injured area. It has anti-inflammatory properties and decreases the amount of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) thus slowing down the inflammation in your bodies which is associated with many of our chronic illnesses. It is used for acute and chronic injuries healing them quickly like tendonitis, muscle strains, and tears. It can increase endurance and strength. It also has cardio and neuroprotective effects and has been to be safe with no known side effects. Promotes rapid wound healing with little to no scarring, enhances collagen deposition, works at cellular level supporting tissue stem cells to heal, and regenerate the injured tissue in muscles to protect against sarcopenia (muscle wasting) as well as post-MI muscle wasting.  It also promotes angiogenesis. It is a potent anti-inflammatory for wounds, muscles, and tendons as well as prevents adhesion and fibrous band formation in injured tissue ie., muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It protects and stores neurons post-TBI, promotes hair growth, and reduces acute/chronic pain and/or inflammation. 

CJC 1295 also known as MOD-GRF 1-29      

This is like hGH and acts like a growth hormone releasing hormone stimulating the anterior pituitary to release hGH. Unlike GHRH which only a short half-life have, CJC 1295 is able to remain active in the body for an extended period of time. It increases the important growth factor IGF-1 and can lead to fat low, lean muscle growth, and enhanced sleep. It is very effective at burning fat, has an anti-aging effect and promotes sleep.  Also, very helpful for traumatic brain injury symptoms.

GHRP 6        

This peptide mimics the effects of ghrelin the “hunger hormone”. Ghrelin is a hormone that helps regulate appetite as well as energy distribution and rate of use (metabolism).  This peptide stimulates hGH secretion by 7-15 times, increasing appetite and meal initiation, while also decreasing fat mass and cholesterol. It is ideal for patients who have been ill and need to be boosted up. It also reduces inflammation and has wound healing properties.

GHRP 2        

This peptide is a more potent releaser of hGH and increases lean body mass, and decreases adipose tissue.   

BPC 157

This peptide known as the Body Protecting Compound can accelerate wound healing, is an anti-inflammatory, decrease pain in damaged areas, increases growth hormone receptors, promotes the outgrowth of tendon fibroblasts, improves digestive function, protects and heals inflamed intestinal epithelium (leaky gut), improves inflammatory bowel disease, and protects the liver from toxic insults and promotes healing.


This peptide also increases the hGH resulting in increased muscle mass, bone density, skin elasticity, and decreased body fat.  This one, however, does not increase the appetite. It is cardioprotective and has regenerative actions also.


This is a very simple peptide which increases the hGH without increasing the appetite, cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin and aldosterone levels.  It has an excellent anti-aging effect. It helps build lean muscle tissue, lowers body fat, improves recovery from training, improves mood and sleep patterns, and is great for anti-aging. 

AOD 9064         

This peptide mimics the hGH anti-obesity effects. This peptide increases fat burning without the increase in blood sugar and growth rate that has been seen with hGH itself. It also has very favorable cartilage repair and regenerative properties, especially when paired with BPC 157.  Triggers fat release from obese fat cells, stimulates lipolysis, and inhibits lipogenesis.

Melanotan II         

This peptide has been shown not only to increase skin pigmentation but also to stimulate fat loss and increase libido. Its aphrodisiac effects were so substantial that it was the basis for the development of another peptide made to address ED and sexual dysfunction Bremelanotide PT 141. This one increases libido, generating sexual arousal in both men and women within minutes of administration. It can get you a tan from the inside out that is safe and is UV protective. Also, a possible reduction in the risk of melanoma as well as sun-damaged skin.  It also can lead to a reduction in body fat.

HGH Fragment 176-191 

It is one of the most potent peptides regarding weight loss. It controls and reduces abdominal fat and helps develop muscles. It can increase energy expenditure, improves lipid profiles and lipolytic activity, does not have a negative impact on blood glucose or on cell proliferation and it is a great fat burner that is extremely powerful and effective. 


It is a very important peptide with a multitude of benefits. It has been found to be anti-aging, increases antioxidants, decreases inflammation and autoimmunity, good for brain function, creates bigger muscles and reduces muscle wasting, improves blood sugar balance, protects against heart disease, regenerates nerves, and boosts the immune system. 


This peptide leads to the creation of new muscle cells and stimulates muscle growth.

Follistatin 344 and 315        

These peptides are inhibitors of myostatin. Myostatin is secreted by muscle cells and acts to essentially block the development of new muscle fibers.  Thus, the administration of these peptides enhances muscle mass and strength.

SARMs S4 and S22         

SARMS are selective androgen receptor modulators. SARMS provide the benefits of anabolic steroids without the side effects. 


Mechano growth factor – a peptide derived from IGF-1.  MGF can encourage repair and growth of wasted tissue through the activation of muscle stem cells. Great for those losing muscle tone. 


This is a nootropic peptide that enhances cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, and motivation. It improves the metabolic activity of the brain, shields neurons from harmful substances, and stimulates the peripheral and central nervous system. It has been used as part of a treatment plan addressing Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and moderate to severe head injury. 


It is one of the most effective peptides on the market. According to a Harvard Study, it raises IGF-1 levels considerably, it reduces triglycerides, reduces visceral adipose tissue, reduces carotid intima-media size (to prevent stroke), and improves cognition in people over 60 years of age.

How are they administered?

These peptides are given either in a subcutaneous injection, in a nasal spray, or in some cases tablet form. They are given for several months then a rest period and repeat if necessary. There are new ones being developed monthly to help improve our body’s function. Combinations of these peptides are available for even greater benefits. For example, hyaluronic acid and AOD 9604 together are very effective given in a joint to stop pain and stop osteoarthritis. Dr. Warren after determining your needs can recommend combinations of these peptides to maximize their benefits.

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