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Longevity Medicine is a medical specialty founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related discomforts and diseases. This includes genetic, physiological and nutritional testing to develop a customized protocol for keeping your body supported and nourished with what it needs to stay young and vital for years to come.

The focus is on cellular health because it is what determines the health of each organ. These cells are the building blocks of our very existence. It is vital to keep them healthy and performing at their peak to prevent age related diseases. There are about 200 different types of human cells (we are made up of trillions of them) which are responsible for different functions in our cellular health.

Basically, in simple terms, all diseases and illnesses are some malfunction within these cells. Aging unfortunately, causes a degradation in these cells. Aging is not just one process; it is more like a domino effect all happening at one time. It has been explained that each of your body’s cells is like a phone’s operating system. With many different parts that can (and do) break down over time, needing repair. One of our cells’ everyday jobs, in addition to carrying out their specialized functions, is to repair themselves to keep the operating system running smoothly.

But what happens when damage to the cells starts to outstrip the ability of repair processes (called autophagy) to fix things, we start to age or develop age-related diseases. When these cells become damaged and are not self-repaired, they turn into Zombie cells or senescent cells which produce a lot of toxins and chemicals which hinder our cells.

With the decrease in the body’s ability to self-repair (autophagy or cell cannibalism) and the increase in damaged cells (senescent cells or Zombie cells) producing toxic agents, our cellular health is jeopardized. The appearance of diabetes, dementia, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, colitis, and most all age-related diseases occurs. Our cells are unable to function at their peak and we lose.

Despite the depressing words like cannibalism, Zombie cells, and toxic agents, there is a Prince Charming’s therapy to rescue these cells and wake them up. Longevity medicine has some treatments and therapies which address these harmful elements.

At Regenerative Wellness Center we help identify the root cause of the cellular damage and using a variety of treatments rejuvenate these cells and boost the body’s own repair system so it naturally fights these diseases and heals the body.

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